Patan Museum Residency


The Patan Museum has elected to undertake proactive earthquake driven renovation of parts of the Museum, necessitating displacement of the collection and administrative spaces, and appropriation of museum studio spaces. We wish the Museum well in its important endeavor, and look forward to relaunching the Residency at a future auspicious time!

The Fellowship of PAFA expresses gratitude and appreciation to William R. Valerio, Ph.D., The Patricia Van Burgh Allison Director and CEO of Woodmere Art Museum, for his understanding, appreciation, and support of our history to date regarding our successful offering of this unique and relevant Artist Residency.



WINNER of the 2017 FPAFA-KCAC Patan Museum Artist Residency!

Please join us in congratulating Gary on this honor and wonderful opportunity! The Fellowship of PAFA extends its thanks and appreciation to Sangeeta Thapa and Bridgette Mayer for their professional expertise, and to all the excellent artists--including our Finalists Santiago Galeas and Binod Shrestha--who submitted work for this very special offering!

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UnAsking Whispers © Gary Weisman 2012

UnAsking Whispers © Gary Weisman 2012

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VIEW a post-earthquake interactive photo of the museum and Patan Durbar Square here--Nepali Times: the town as a museum piece(damaged sites are CIRCLED)

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2015 FPAFA-KCAC Resident Artist Elisabeth Nickles; Elisabeth will be in Patan, Nepal, May and June, 2016.  View photos from Elisabeth Nickles' exhibition at 20*20 House HERE!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 FPAFA-KCAC Resident Artist, Madeline Peckenpaugh; Madeline will be in Patan, Nepal, September and October, 2016.  2016 JUROR: Sueyun Locks, Director/CEO Locks Gallery, Philadelphia

Madeline Peckenpaugh: Painting in Patan, By: Emily Schecter Seraphin Gallery

THE FPAFA-KCAC PATAN MUSEUM RESIDENCY is an ALL EXPENSES PAID ARTIST RESIDENCY to the city of Patan in the Himalayan country of Nepal, land of Mount Everest, and home to one of the most beautiful museums in South Asia. The three residency studios—run by the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre (KCAC)—are situated within the Patan Museum and include access to 2000 volume library donated by the TATE Britain and many private donors.  A quick orientation to the city of Patan HERE.

The Residency is offered exclusively to artists who are either PAFA Faculty, Certificate, BFA or MFA graduates of PAFA, and/or current or past participants in PAFA’s Post-Graduate Baccalaureate Program.  FPAFA Board members and their family members are not eligible for application and consideration. 

The jury selection process is twofold. Three finalists are chosen from the first round of selection by an annually invited U.S. juror. The three finalists’ submissions then go forward to Kathmandu, Nepal, for the final selection of the Resident Artist by Sangeeta Thapa, curator, co-founder and director of KCAC.  Sangeeta Rana Thapa is co-founder of the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre, and co-founder of the Kathmandu International Arts Festival, now planning its third edition. A member of Nepal's influential Rana family, Ms. Thapa is also founder and director of Siddhartha Art Gallery (SAG), the premier visual arts gallery in Nepal, located in beautiful Baber Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu. A Prince Klaus Fund grantee and Kennedy Center Arts Management Fellow in Washington D.C., Ms. Thapa is a visual arts curator and arts writer of respected international stature. LISTEN to Sangeeta Thapa's experience below!


On the 25th March 2012 KCAC opened within the Patan Museum, one of the finest museums in Asia and a UNESCO world heritage site. KCAC has one large studio in the garden & two smaller studios inside the main museum; specifications for the studios will be provided upon artist selection. The state-of-the-art Patan Museum lies within the Patan Royal Palace complex; dating from the late Malla dynasty of the Kathmandu Valley; the entire palace restoration was recently completed with the support from the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund. Set in one of the world's most beautiful squares, the Patan Museum was conceived not only to display a collection of artifacts as a showcase for the cultural legacy of Nepal but also to celebrate the Malla-period palace itself. This unique synthesis of art and setting has resulted in one of South Asia's most beautiful museums. Those interested may enjoy reading Gotz Hagmuller’s beautiful book, Patan Museum: The Transformation of a Royal Palace in Nepal.

Nepal’s traditional arts scene boasts many of the finest master arts practitioners in the world today in one of the most breathtaking environments in the world, offering the visual artist innumerable opportunities for creative inspiration.  The FPAFA-KCAC Patan Museum Residency offers a unique and exciting opportunity exclusively for PAFA Alumnito live and create in a world class creative environment, and generates opportunities for interaction and collaboration with the local and international arts community and arts professionals. Nepal lies at the crossroads of the exciting international arts communities of Asia, and the Nepali arts scene regularly hosts a vital group of international contemporary artists from the United States, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and Singapore. 

UPDATE: The Patan Museum Studios and Royal Palace—recently restored by the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust and the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation—survived the 2015 Earthquake unscathed. The Patan Durbar Square, though sustaining the unfortunate loss of several smaller temples, was blessed with the survival of its largest, most magnificent and important temples, and the Patan Durbar Square remains a UNESCO World Heritage Site of breathtaking beauty.