We are planning to create a pdf catalogue on line of our entire collection later this year.

Purchases for the Permanent Collection are shown at our Annual Member's Exhibition by funds from the Mary Butler Trust. The collection is constantly evolving in order to benefit both the organization and our members through the purchase of their works and the corresponding increase in the value of the collection.

To date there have been several large sales of Fellowship holdings by Christie's in New York and the Samuel Freeman Fine Art Auction House in Philadelphia. Profits from these sales are returned to the trust.

Our Permanent Collection consists of long term holdings such as the Charlotte Harding illustrations for Robin Hood, the Joseph Pennell etchings of Philadelphia, and additional works of significance. We also hold items which are restricted from sale due to their historical significance or provenance such as the Mary Butler paintings. 

A portion of our collection is on display at the Academy's Hamilton building and many of our pieces have been made available for display at Corporate Centers and Public Buildings. These beautiful works are part of the Fellowship "family album" and they are cherished and revisited often as we marvel at our good fortune.

Nathaniel Little ,  Seascape,  restored to FPAFA Collection in 2006

Nathaniel Little, Seascape, restored to FPAFA Collection in 2006

Tommy Palmore, Japanese Monkey, entered collection 2014 Purchased from PAFA Benefit Auction

Laura Adams, Jade Bracelet, FAME Purchase 2014, oil on panel, 3.75 x 3.75 inches

Steven Weiss, Johanna, FAME purchase 2003