The Fellowship of PAFA is very pleased to announce the purchase of Elisabeth Nickles' work for our Collection.     "Harpy" 2002, Bronze and Limestone, H 6" x W 3-1/8" x D 8."

The Fellowship of PAFA is very pleased to announce the purchase of Elisabeth Nickles' work for our Collection.

"Harpy" 2002, Bronze and Limestone, H 6" x W 3-1/8" x D 8."



Dear Fellowship Members,

Warmest Greetings and wishes as we enter the fall season!

I am delighted to announce that I will continue to remain in office and serve the Fellowship Membership until June 30th, 2019. I am also delighted to share that the FPAFA will hold our FAME in May of 2019—with our venue and more information to be announced as we go forward. We will also be posting a formal call for candidates for the office of President in the near future. Please DO check back on this page periodically for news and updates, which we will also be sharing on our Facebook page—and don’t forget to “Like” us!

Maureen Drdak


The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, est. 1897



Dear Fellowship Member,

Warmest greetings from the Fellowship!

Please know, dear Members, that all is very well with the Fellowship; historically there have been moments of transition that benefit from a temporary step-back from activities so that the Fellowship may effectively reassess the landscape going forward in order to continue the success of our tradition in the future.  Now is such a moment.

As you all may be aware, I am stepping down as President of the Fellowship at the end of my four year term effective at the end of December 2018. It has been an exciting and deeply rewarding experience from which I have learned very much. Most of all, I have been rewarded with the appreciation and warmth of the Fellowship community, and the knowledge that I have participated in ensuring that the unique and valued traditions of our historic Fellowship are carried forward.  

The Fellowship Board will post a call in September of 2018 for new candidates from Membership nominations. Candidates will be invited to post their position statements on our FPAFA website for easy access and viewing by general membership at that time. A VOTE for our new President will open in April of 2019, and on we will announce the new Fellowship President in January of 2020. Following my departure end of December, Executive VP and Curator of Collections Hilarie Hawley will be Acting Director for 2019--aided by our 2nd VP Nina Martino--until the new President is elected and installed. Many of you know Hilarie well from her long and continuing service to the Fellowship and will all undoubtedly be thrilled to know that the Fellowship will be guided by her very capable hands; I myself will continue to be available for support in this time of transition. As stated above, we will be holding a membership election for the Office of President in the coming year and will keep you all informed of all important information during and subsequent to this transition.

Some members have posed a few questions.  Anticipating that these questions—and a few others—may be shared by general membership, I’d like to address them here.

FAME 2018. PAFA has been undergoing internal transition, as is expected with any dynamic institution. As the Fellowship itself was not notified in time of PAFA’s change of plans regarding availability of the Alumni Gallery within the HLB for 2018, we, unfortunately, did not have sufficient time to locate a suitable alternative for the 2018 exhibition year. As you may all be aware, quality exhibition venues are generally booked at least one year in advance. We will keeping membership apprised of all developments regarding this issue. We have just learned that the museum alumni gallery will no longer be a commercial venue; depending on the status and rank of a museum there are restrictions to be met. The PAFA board has decided on using this special space solely for display. As the Fellowship offers its exhibiting members our exhibition as a vehicle for both sales and exposure, and as sales of work are important to our operating budget, we will unfortunately, need to identify other suitable exhibition venues going forward. We thank PAFA for its hospitality in hosting our exhibition to date!

Collection Purchases.  Fellowship purchases of art are made from the Mary Butler Trust. The majority of purchases over the years have been chosen by jurors, but not exclusively. Hilarie Hawley, 1st VP and Curator of the Fellowship Collection, has made purchases primarily directed towards maintaining a balanced collection. This thoughtful maintenance of the Collection’s work has increased the value of our collection, Hilarie determining those additions and selections according to those provisions and the fiduciary needs of the Trust. Her selections are not limited to either the Fellowship Annual Members Exhibition or the Annual Student Exhibition. Hilarie will continue her responsibilities in this respect going forward without interruption.

Membership Dues.  The membership dues paid in 2018—and their benefits-- will be carried over and considered as effective for those members in 2019, when we anticipate we will resume our FAME. We have a dedicated account for these monies, and membership will always be informed of significant changes going forward.

Prizes.  Prize monies are also held in a dedicated account, and are awarded according to the specifications of their individual endowments.

Any other questions by Membership may be directed to me, and I will gladly answer them as promptly as possible.

It has been an honor to serve as your President and my most heartfelt appreciation to all Members for all the wonderful support I—and the Fellowship—have received during my term of service.

Warmly, Maureen Drdak


The Fellowship of PAFA


Maureen Drdak, FPAFA President, STEPPING DOWN

To All the Fellowship and PAFA Family,

I hereby announce the end of my four year term as President of the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, effective December 31st, 2018. I do so with profound gratitude to the Fellowship family for the honor and privilege of serving this unique and deeply historic community of artists, and extend my deepest appreciation to the greater PAFA Community for the support I've received in this capacity. I have tried to leave the Fellowship a better place during my tenure, respecting and building upon the successes and accomplishments of my predecessors. Going forward, I intend to fully support those who continued to serve the Fellowship of PAFA with selfless dedication and devotion. I will be shortly posting a letter celebrating the current accomplishments and vision of the Fellowship, and details for the transitioning of new and dynamic leadership. Again, my gratitude and warmest thoughts to all for the privilege of serving this august organization.


Maureen Drdak

President (2014-2018)

The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.


COMING SOON: Our 2018 FPAFA--KCAC Patan Museum Artist Residency Prospectus will be launched October 1st! Make a note of it and visit our Patan Museum Residency page!