On July 1, 2019 I assumed office as the President of the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

 As established in my mission statement, my first priority is to identify new ways to help the PAFA Alumni. What most students at PAFA may not realize is that to become a member of this exciting, relevant, and growing fellowship of artists they only need to have to completed one full year at the Academy or two years of PAFA Continuing Ed classes.


 Membership entities you to submit work to our Fellowship Annual (juried) Members Exhibition, known as FAME, during which we will have free events and scholar talks! Another of our exciting plans is to establish an on-line store next year to sell FPAFA Members work!

 I also plan to establish a quarterly news page on our website where FPAFA Members can post their upcoming exhibitions and art news. We will post this link quarterly on Instagram, Facebook and Linked-In. When it is activated we will send FPAFA Members an email notification that it is accepting text and images.

 FAME 2019 was held at Hot-Bed Gallery, an exciting commercial gallery in Center City. Hot-Bed is a joint venture with Bryan Hoffman and James Oliver Gallery (JOG). To view a link of the show’s pdf catalogue and opening event video go to our site’s News page

 Special acknowledgment to the Fellowship’s hard working Board under the past leadership of Maureen Drdak, who has served and completed her four year term with dedication and distinction. Under her visionary leadership the Fellowship maintained its historic continuity and broke new ground; Maureen established and supported three annual awards of the (all expenses paid) Patan Museum Artist Residency; a first for the FPAFA. This award sent three PAFA Alumni to the Himalayan nation of Nepal, an international hub for Asian Contemporary Art. She also coined the acronym FAME! She is currently advising in our leadership transition. Thank you Maureen!

 The Curator of our growing and prestigious collection, Hilarie Hawley, needs no introduction. As her PAFA Distinguished Alumni Award testifies, Hilarie’s dedication to the FPAFA is second to none. We are fortunate to have her continued and in-depth knowledgeable support.

Throughout my fifty years as a successful professional artist and publisher of the arts, I have continually experienced, and continue to value my unique relationship to the Academy. The mission of the Fellowship of PAFA is “Artists Helping Artists” and I intend to do just that.  

 Barbara Sosson

President of The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Read Barbara’s Mission Statement HERE!