FAME 2019


All works must be picked-up between 1 PM and 6 PM on Friday, May 31 or Saturday, June 1, 2019.

FAME 2019—A John Thornton Film!

FAME 2019

The FPAFA is please to announce our FAME 2019 AWARDS!

JUROR, JAMES OLIVER, Director of James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia

The Fellowship Award of Excellence: Tom Mallon 

The Berthe M. Goldberg Award: Colleen Hammond 

The Lucy Glick Award: Michael Bartman 

The Leona Karp Braverman Award for Sculpture: Carol Taylor-Kearney 

The Caroline Gibbons Granger Award: Inga Kimberly Brown 

H V Hawley Award: Katherine Fraser 

The Fellowship President’s Award of Excellence: Gail Ferretti

Mary Butler Purchase Awards:

Holly Brigham, Elisabeth Nickles, Fred Danziger

Honorable Mentions:

Mustafa Lamaj, Paula Cahill, Phyllis Gorson, John T. Meehan

The FAME 2019 Exhibition Catalog is now availble for download HERE!

FAME 2019 ARTISTS—The Fellowship extends its appreciation to our Juror James Oliver, Director James Oliver Gallery (J.O.G.), Philadelphia: Acton, Baker, Bartman, Brantley, Brown, Cahill, Camarda, Cook, Coyle, Drdak, Ferretti, Flom, Formicola, Fraser, Gorsen, Goschke, Hammond, Hanson, Hawley, Horsting, Keyser, Lamaj, Lawlor, Litwa, Lukens, Mallon, Marconi, Martino, Maye Luga, Meehan, Michaud, Miller, O’Brien, O’Donnell, Ostroff, Petropoulos, Posey, Rane, Schlachter, Smyth, Soslau, Sosson, Steen, Stoddard, Stone, Tanaka, Taylor-Kearney, Victor, Wolf, Yazani, Zauberman



FAME 2019 at HOT-BED Gallery is LIVE!!! IMPORTANT! This year our prospectus is interactive. Please refer to our HELP SHEET—DOWNLOAD HERE!

The Fellowship looks forward to with excitement to FAME 2019—FPAFA’s Juried Alumni Member’s Exhibition—at HOT-BED GALLERY, 723 Chestnut Street Philadelphia! FAME 2019 will feature expanded size limits—check this page and our Facebook Page for more updates!

FAME 2017

The August 6th FAME 2017 Reception at PAFA's Historic Landmark Building's Alumni Gallery was filled to overflowing capacity! Congratulations again to all the artists! A reminder to collectors and visitors of our website, all works exhibited in FAME 2017 are available for purchase, and a listing can be downloaded here!

The Fellowship of PAFA takes great pleasure in announcing recipients of the FAME 2017 AWARDS; Juror: Kirsten Jensen, Chief Curator The James A. Michener Art Museum


The Fellowship Award of Excellence, Robert Ecker; The Berthe M. Goldberg Award, Dale Levy; The Lucy Glick Award, Ryan Almodovar; The M. A. Post Award,  Kassem Amoudi; The Leona Karp Braverman Award, Elizabeth Heller; The Caroline Gibbons Granger Award, Judy McGregor Caldwell; H. V. Hawley Award for Excellence (purchase), John Jonik; The FPAFA President’s Award for Excellence, Katherine Stanek.  Honorable Mentions are awarded to Nicole Michaud, Lauren Litwa, Donna Backues and Marlene D’Orazio Adler. The 2017 Mary Butler Trust Purchase Awardees (Selected by FPAFA VP and Curator of Collections Hilarie V Hawley) are David Wilson Campbell and Jeffrey Dion.



 Jurying an exhibition is rewarding and challenging. Shows usually take months, even years, to pull together, but in the space of a few hours, hundreds of images are reviewed, and decisions are made. The juror brings their knowledge and experience, but the economy of time also necessitates some consideration of a gut reaction. As a juror I approach the work first through the prism of technique--skill, craftsmanship, composition, and medium. Is the piece well executed? Does it do something new with the medium? Does the piece catch my eye and make me explore it further? Is it pleasing to look at? Is it challenging? Is it presented well?

The works submitted for the show suggest that the Fellowship is a diverse and talented arts community. I want those who submitted work to know that eliminating pieces from the pool is hard. I wish to congratulate those artists whose work was admitted, and to further encourage those whose work was not. Lastly, I want to thank you—the Artist—for the opportunity to become acquainted with your work, and for the privilege of jurying this year's exhibition.

Kirsten M. Jensen, PhD

Gerry & Marguerite Lenfest Chief Curator

Michener Art Museum


FAME 2017

The Fellowship Annual Members Exhibition Congratulations to our 2017 FAME Exhibition ARTISTS!

  Lauren Acton, Marlene D’Orazio Adler, Ryan Almodovar, Kassem Amoudi, Donna Backues, Jennifer Baker, Noah Baumgartel, Sandra Benhaim, Ken Berman,Pat Boyer, Judy Caldwell, Harry Camarda, Rachel Constantine, Robert Couch, Melanie Dion, Michael Doyle, Maureen Drdak, Robert Ecker, Eiko Fan, Bonnie Farber, John Formicola, Peter Frantz, Jessica Gamble, Linda Goschke, Nicholas James Harris, Elizabeth Heller, Mary Powers Holt, Kenneth Houck, Rebecca Jacob, John Jonik, Michael Karlowski, Warren Keyser, Megan Lawlor, Dale Levy, Stefanie Lieberman, Lauren A Litwa, Andrea Lyons, Andrij Maday, Nicole Michaud, Sandra Milner, Helen Mirkel, Katherine Stanek, Dganit Zauberman, and BaoJian Zhou.

Also exhibited will be the works of David Wilson and Jeff Dion, recipients of the Mary Butler Trust purchases.

 Exhibition Dates: TUESDAY August 1 through SUNDAY September 10

Opening Reception on SUNDAY, August 6, 2017 from 2 to 5PM

 PAFA Alumni Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

118 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


 THANK YOU Kirstin M. Jensen,

Chief Curator, James A. Michener Art Museum!

Awards, Prizes, and Collection Purchases may total up to $10,000.00

IMAGES from FAME 2017